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How to switch energy suppliers


Published on 21 June 2021 03:31 PM

How to switch energy suppliers and save money

Why switch gas and electricity suppliers?

There are many reasons why people choose to switch to a different gas and electricity supplier, including:

  • To save money on their energy bills. It only takes a few minutes to run an energy comparison, and switching supplier could knock hundreds of pounds off the cost of your annual gas and electricity bills. You can request a Smart meter too which means you’ll no longer need to provide meter readings at all.
  • You may want a better service. Some energy suppliers offer poor service and inaccurate billing which is always a concern. Switching to an energy supplier with better customer satisfaction scores is the quickest and simplest way to put things right and offer peace of mind.
  • To do your bit for the environment. Switching to a green energy deal means you can save money and do your bit for the environment.
  • It’s quick, free and easy, especially with our help.

What information is needed?

To do a quote and switch supplier, you’ll need to know how much energy you use now – this can be in kilowatt hours (kWh) or in pounds.

You’ll also need the name of the tariff you’re on and the provider you’re with – you can get all of this information from a recent bill.

There are a large number of different tariffs which you can choose from. It’s best to consider these and what’s right for your own individual circumstances.

Why not let our Information & Advice team support you with this process?

A simple call to us means we can advise you and help to make the process simpler. You could also join an energy provider’s Priority Service Register which is free.

Who is eligible

You are eligible if you:

  • are of pensionable age
  • are disabled or chronically sick
  • have a long-term medical condition
  • have a hearing or visual impairment or additional communication needs
  • are in a vulnerable situation.

This means you’ll receive support more quickly in the event of a power cut or if required large print bills and additional features to your billing.

Energy Saving

Many suppliers offer free or subsidised energy saving measures to customers through government-backed schemes to encourage energy efficiency.

Being more energy efficient can help reduce your bills, keep your home warm and reduce your impact on the environment.

Smart Meters – the myth busted

Many gas and electricity suppliers have started offering to install smart meters for their customers. Your supplier will contact you to tell you when you can get one, but you can request one too.

People assume that they run over your internet connection when in fact you don’t need an internet connection at all.

Smart meters are being installed in homes to replace older energy meters, including prepayment meters. All energy suppliers must aim to install smart meters in every home in England.

Your supplier is responsible for installing any smart metering equipment. This includes a smart electricity and gas meter, an in-home display that will tell you about your energy usage in pounds and pence- no more standing on one leg trying to reach to meter read!

You can choose not to accept to have a smart meter installed or request an installation at a later date at no extra cost.

One phone call to our Information & Advice team can provide all of the support, information and advice you’ll need. Why not give us a call?

Tel: 0191 2808484 Option 1 or e mail

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