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Keeping fit is an important part of healthy living, and regular exercise has been shown to increase your general health both physical and mental and, who knows it 'might', even help protect you from any bug.

We've searched the internet to find exercise regimes suitable for over sixties to do at home, by following the experts on specific web sites and the amazing You Tube. And it's all for FREE.

Here's the list we've gathered so far. Just click on each item and you'll be taken to the page on our website with more details, before we launch you off to You Tube or wherever:

HowFit - Small steps to feeling good Over 317,000 households across Gateshead, Newcastle and North Tyneside have had the new HowFit (Home Wellbeing and Fitness) Plan instructional leaflet delivered to their homes free of charge this week.Find out more here.

Home based exercises for over 60s This is a very comprehensive series of mainly chair-based exercises in a form which you can print out and keep. We've even included a 'Road test' by our very own 'over 60'.

Learn Indian dance with Sadlers Wells This is your chance to take lessons in the gentle art of Indian dance. We'll tell you more about it on our page before linking you to the You Tube video.

Joe Wicks' Workouts for Seniors  A series of free easy to follow exercises by the renowned 'Body Coach' specially tailored for over 60s. Just click the links on the page to view his YouTube videos.

Active at Home with Arthritis On this page you can find links to a series of chair based exercises for people with arthritis together with a link to an exercise and activity directory. All provided by Arthritis Action

Tai Chi at home. If you are missing your Tai Chi sessions or are interested in giving it a try, why not follow Dr Paul Lam's FREE online sessions on YouTube?

Exercise and Nutrition for fitness.   How to ensure that you are getting the right balance of foods as well as exercise to keep you fit and healthy.

10 Today An exercise programme of 10 ten minute sessions from Sport England and Demos, designed for older people to protect against poor health and disease, and improve mental health and maintain independence. 

Keeping Well at Home with Gateshead Older People's Assembly.  A series of You Tube videos showing some simple exercises which you can do at home to preserve your strength and balance.

David, our volunteer reviewer, has been busy road testing more age-friendly online fitness sessions and here are his latest recommendations:

Walking is a source of exercise which you can do at your own pace and is relatively cheap. A good aid to help you on your way is the NHS One You Active10 Walking Tracker app, for which of course you will need a  Smartphone. The rest is up to you, and the information you feed into your mobile. Set realisic targets, and build up gradually, but do remember to switch your phone on before you commence, so that your effort is recorded!  You can start with a minimum of ten minutes exercise.
Pilates. Although Age UK North Tyneside do not currently offer a group,there are some helpful videos available. 
Anna Little Exercise Specialist offers a wide range of classes from a morning stretch to strength and conditioning.Throughout Lockdown she has offered regular online classes. I once attended a day course organised by Uretreat  in which Anna Little put us through our pilate paces. More details are on Anna's website Anna Little Exercise Specialist
and you can join her free online sessions via her Facebook group.
You can download a trial sample of Anna's pilates exercises for men from here.
North Tyneside Carers' Centre  invited me recently to participate in a Connecting Carers virtual session on the benefits of exercise. Pilates was mentioned. There are excellent previews and useful hints if you access the Mooveness website:
Ha ha!...and now for something completely different. Fancy a laugh in these dark times? You do not need to seek out a comedy sketch show, but try Laughing Yoga. Yes, there is such a thing, and it is not a gimmick! The aim is to help lower stress levels; improve deep breathing techniques; and improve your immune system with 10-15 minutes daily laughter.  Try the following videos. You will find laughter is infectious!
Fancy a go at Belly Dancing in your home? NHS has a reference:
Thanks to Andrea at North Tyneside Carers' Centre for drawing our attention to the above listed items.


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