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Known Scams

  • Fraudsters are cold-calling people, typically the elderly and the vulnerable, claiming to police officers
  • They are informing victims there is fraudulent activity on their bank account and asking for their help in ‘gathering evidence’
  • Victims are instructed to withdraw cash and hand it over to a secure courier who will visit your address to collect ‘the evidence’
  • Often victims are targeted repeatedly and asked for more cash, vouchers or anything of value
  • Northumbria Police is working with other a range of other forces and agencies as well as ActionFraud to combat this cruel scam
  • These fraudsters are unscrupulous, callous and have no regard for the harm they are causing the most vulnerable
  • Police will NEVER cold call you to inform you of a crime
  • Police will NEVER ask you for money or any kind of financial information
  • Police will NEVER sent a courier to your home
  • If you think you have been cold-called, hang up immediately and when you’re sure the line is clear - dial 101 to report
  • Contact the police immediately if you think you have been a victim, you will be fully supported by officers
  • There is no shame in falling foul to this complex scam