9 May 2017

Age UK Notts announced that its Patients’ Representative for Advocacy Service at Lings Bar Hospital, Marie Coyle has won the Lings Bar Hospital ROC Award for communications, commitment and competence. The award ceremony took place on 28th February 2017.

The Head of Service at Lings Bar Hospital, Claire Smith said, “Marie has won the award for her amazing contribution to the patients, carers and staff at Lings Bar. Marie has become a very valued member of the Inter-Professional Team, and has made sure the patients’ voice is heard in difficult circumstances. I can think of many patient stories that demonstrate Marie’s commitment, but one of the most heartfelt is a patient who wanted to go home to die, and remained there due to Marie’s determination to advocate for the patient. Not only is Marie fantastic within her role, she is also great to have within the team.”

Patients’ Representative at Age UK Notts, Marie Coyle said, “I feel that it was fantastic to receive the recognition for the work that Age UK Notts contribute to making sure that the person’s voice is heard at all times and that their thoughts, feelings and wishes are recognised by all members of the team.”