30 May 2017

Age UK Notts launches new Worry Catcher Service at Highbury Hospital. The Worry Catcher Service is available on Cherry and Silver Birch Wards which are assessment and treatment wards for mental health services specifically for older people.

The Worry Catcher provides a safe and confidential space to enable patients, relatives and carers to discuss their worries and concerns about their stay on the wards and discharge from the wards. The Worry Catcher can provide support and representation as well as relevant information on other agencies and services that can help patients to make informed choices and decisions.

This free service is provided on the wards via one-to-one sessions with patients and relatives and telephone support can also be accessed by relatives.

Age UK Notts’ Service Manager, Linda Crick said, “We’re extremely pleased that Mental Health Services for Older People (MHSOP) has commissioned us to provide a Worry Catcher Service at Highbury Hospital. The overarching aim of this service is to provide someone independent for patients and relatives to discuss their worries with, improve patient experience and support people around their subsequent discharge from the wards. “

Age UK Notts’ Worry Catcher Coordinator, Lindsey Shepherd said, “This new service is being well received and I am pleased to be able to provide this much needed support to patients and relatives alike.”

One of the patients at the hospital said, “[The Worry Catcher Service] is a good thing and [it is] excellent having someone to talk to. You’ve been lovely and I can’t thank you enough for your help.”