Advocacy Support

Age UK Notts' has provided advocacy for over twenty years. Our skilled and trained advocates work with individuals, through our Patients' Representative and Residents' Representative services, who need advocacy support to enable them to have their voices heard, to ensure their wishes are respected and their rights are upheld.

The service is free, confidential and impartial, and provides:

  • Support
  • Representation
  • Someone to discuss any concern or questions
  • Someone to discuss a difficult decision with
  • Someone to speak on your behalf to others e.g. social worker or health officers
  • If you are worried about any aspects of your care
  • If you need support making a complaint
  • If you are worried or concerned about an issue and would like to discuss it with someone independent please contact us. If you are a relative, carer or friend and you are worried about them or their care you may wish to inform them about our service and if they would like our help you can refer them to the advocacy service. Contact is also welcomed from care home staff, social workers and other professionals who feel a person may be in need of independent support or advocacy. 

We have access to Easy Read tools, interpreters, signers, people who use makaton and other support to enable you to express your wishes.

For more information about our advocacy services or to access advocacy support please click the relevant link below..

Quality Services

Age UK Notts' Advocacy holds the Quality Performance Mark for quality advocacy services and our advocates hold the National Advocacy Qualification.

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