The Patients’ Representative Service offers support, representation, advocacy and information to older patients and their carers at Kings Mill Hospital, Lings Bar Hospital and Queens Medical Centre.

We can help if

You need extra support during your hospital stay or are you a carer who needs to speak to someone independent? If so, please contact your Patients’ Representative.

At some time, we all need support and representation, someone to be our voice. We all need someone who will listen.

What the service provides

The Patients' Representative may be able to help if:

  • You are worried about an aspect of your hospital stay
  • You want someone independent to speak on your behalf
  • You need support during a time of crisis
  • Someone to discuss a difficult decision with
  • If you need general information or possible access to other services
  • If you are worried or concerned, talk to us we are here to help

What extra support do we offer?

  • Information on financial matters and benefits
  • Information on health and social care
  • Details on services available in the community once discharged, for example befriending, day care and advocacy services
  • Assistance in referring you to appropriate service you wish to access

Who is this service for?

Older people and their carers

Which area does this service cover and our contact details?

Kings Mill Hospital

This service is available at Kings Mill Hospital.

For more information or to access this service at Kings Mill Hospital, please contact:
Natalie Newton
t 01623 622515 ext 4675

Natalie is located at Ward 35, Floor 3 at Kings Mill Hospital.

Lings Bar & the Short Stay Reablement Unit

This service is available at Lings Bar Hospital on the following wards:

  • John Procter
  • Castle
  • Forest
  • The short stay reablement unit located at The Grand, West Bridgford

For more information or to access this service at Lings Bar Hospital, please contact:

Carrie Lambert-Smith
at the Reablement Unit at The Grand
m 07872 839609

Marie Coyle
at Lings Bar Hospital
t 0115 883 7503
m 07872 839627

Queens Medical Centre

This service is available on the following Healthcare of Older Persons Wards at Queens Medical Centre:

  • Wards B48, B49
  • Wards C52, F18, F19, F20
  • Connect House, Garden Suite

For more information or to access this service at Queens Medical Centre, please contact:
Sandra Clark
t 0115 924 9924 ext. 66013

How is this service delivered?

  • In person via one-to-one sessions
  • Over the telephone

How much does this service cost?