Age UK warmly welcomes the publication of this latest guide documenting the success that comes from involving older people directly in research, this time relating to Age-Friendly neighbourhoods. We congratulate the University, the City of Manchester and the older communities of Manchester on making it possible.

We have previously championed this cause in UK universities and internationally, integrating the notion of ‘user involvement’ into the WHO model of knowledge transfer, published in 2010. We are proud to have a track record in involving older people in research, both through the OPPS programme in Help the Aged and via Age Concern’s collaboration with John Glasby’s Birmingham University based work.

Our long held commitment to the involvement of older people in research is founded in the theoretical and moral case reinforced by the clear and substantial benefits that such involvement brings. These benefits are amply demonstrated in this guide, expertly edited and put together by Tine Buffel.

Age UK, both locally and nationally, continues to work with the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA) in the formal partnership that was signed in 2014. This has massive potential not only from the world-class research taking place in the University but also for the delivery of tangible benefits to older people, improving their quality of life, their independence and their influence on decisions made by government.


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