On 5th May 2016 elections will be held across Stockport to elect local councillors for Stockport Council.

There will be an election to fill one seat in each of the 21 electoral wards within Stockport.

You can vote at your local polling station, vote by post or you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf.

For more information about the different ways of voting, visit the About My Vote page.

Important deadlines

It is important that you are familiar with upcoming deadlines in order to ensure that you are eligible to vote in the upcoming election.

Important Deadlines

Wednesday 30th March - Publication of Notice of Election.

Monday 18th April - Last day to register to vote in the Local Election

Tuesday 19th April at 5pm - Deadline for postal applications or to cancel/amend existing arrangements

Tuesday 26th April at 5pm - Deadline for proxy applications

Thursday 5th May, 7am to 10pm - Polling day

Please Note: You must register to vote by 7th June 2016 to be eligible to vote in the EU Referendum

For more information on important dates this election season, view the Election Timetable (PDF 81kb).

Nominations to stand as a candidate at the local election close at 4pm on 7th April and the information regarding the candidates standing for election will be available on this site when published by the Returning Officer. A list of all nominated candidates with addresses and party affiliation can be found here: http://www.stockport.gov.uk/2013/2986/59933/1218379/statementofpersonsnominated