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Welcome to Age UK Tameside’s Strategy document. In this document you will find details of how our charity is aiming to continue to be successful over the next 3-5 years and continue to provide excellent services to older people living in Tameside and Glossop.

The environment in which the charity operates is changing rapidly, with

» an ever increasing older community with diverse needs;
» a greater need for sustainable funding;
» an increased demand for new and varied services;
» a greater focus on living independently for longer.

All of this means the charity needs to be agile, embrace the change ahead and as a Board maintain our focus on robust financial management and strong governance. This strategy sets out how AGE UK Tameside will achieve its objectives, and how it will create and make the most of the opportunities that will come along in the coming years.

Within the document there is a 2 year plan which gives more detail of the actions and activities that we will undertake. There is flexibility within our strategy to enable us to accommodate environmental changes and keep our vision moving in the right direction.

Please click HERE to download the full document (you will need Adobe Reader or equivelent, to view it).

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