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Being a good neighbour to elderly people is important at any time, but particularly in winter or during periods of cold/wet weather.

Neighbours may be in need of help, especially if they are elderly, disabled, or have a chronic illness, and signs to look out for are milk bottles or newspapers not taken in, and curtains remaining drawn throughout the day.

Keeping warm can be a problem for everyone - particularly older people, and keeping warm is particularly vital in winter when distress or illness can be caused or aggravated by the cold.

Here are some tips for keeping warm:

  • Try to keep a constant temperature of 21 degrees c (70f) throughout the house.
  • Make sure your home is well insulated, use draught excluders and keep curtains closed, but do not block up air vents.
  • Take a little exercise every day.
  • Wrap up warm before going out, wear gloves, a hat, cap or head scarf.

For more information call the Devon Energy Efficiency Advice Centre, 0800 512012. They can give advice on:

  • Keeping warm
  • Home improvement grants
  • Heating your home
  • Help with bills

Keep Warm Keep Well - download a free guide for older people and those with a low income or disability.

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