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Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction are means tested benefits administered by Torbay Council. You can apply online and alternative means of application are also available directly from the council.

People of Pension Age:

If you are entitled to the guarantee part of Pension Credit then Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction may be available to meet all your rent (subject to local housing allowance limits) and council tax bills.

If you do not get the guarantee credit, but have no more than £16,000 in savings, you may still get some benefit to reduce the amount of rent or council tax you have to pay.

Council Tax Reduction can be claimed by homeowners as well as tenants.

The value of your home does not count as part of your savings.

People Under Pension Age:

If you are in this category, you will have to pay at least 25% of the yearly council tax. A £6000 savings/capital limit means that no Council Tax Reduction will be paid to households with more than £6000 savings.

We offer a free confidential benefit check for people aged 50+ to see if you are entitled to housing benefit or council tax reduction.


Other ways to reduce your council tax bill:

If you live alone, make sure that you are getting the 25% discount.

There are also other discounts - for example these may apply to people who are severely mentally impaired or to some carers. The disability reduction scheme can reduce your bill if your home has features that are important for a disabled person living there such as space for a wheelchair or an extra room for their use.

Age UK Torbay offers a free confidential benefit check - download our Benefit Check Form

Age UK Factsheets offer more information about benefits.

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