Age UK Buckinghamshire recognises that the problems, preferences, needs and expectations of an ageing population do not remain static.

We believe it is important that well-constructed research is undertaken into the needs and preferences of older people, in all their diversity.

We have conducted research, comissioned by Buckinghamshire County Council, into the incidence of depression experienced by residents of care homes in the Aylesbury area.

We have also taken part in research that examined the intergenerational use of open spaces.  A report with the research findings has been produced by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Open University.

If you would like a copy of the report, please contact us.

Age UK, the national charity based in London, undertakes research into the issues that affect the ageing population; the needs and views of professionals, older people, their carers and practitioners.

It seeks to identifies gaps in provision and policies, and explores and promotes new and innovative ways of meeting both established and newly-identified needs.

Tel 01296 431911.

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