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Home Services - Footcare

  • Location: Age UK Buckinghamshire
  • Price: £29.50
Call 01296 431 911 for more info

Age UK Buckinghamshire
145 Meadowcroft
HP19 9HH
United Kingdom

The Footcare Service offers you access to a DBS checked footcare provider in your area who can arrange to cut your toenails in your own home, for a fixed hourly rate.

What does it cost?

Charges are fixed at £29.50 per visit. Some of the Footcare agents may require you to purchase your own pair of clippers at a one-off cost of £12.50, which you can then keep.

How does the Neat Feet service work?

Once we have confirmed a footcare practitioner is available in your area, they will arrange a visit at your home to assess your needs and agree a regular toenail-cutting service, usually every six to eight weeks, depending on how often you need the service.

During the initial appointment the footcare practitioner will assess the condition of your feet and record their findings before cutting your nails.

If you require more enhanced footcare, your agent may be able to help but this would be at an additional cost.

How to access the Footcare service

Call (9.30-1.30 weekdays) or email us to see if there is a footcare practitioner in your area.
Tel: 01296 431 911