Are you a good neighbour?

We want to make communities more neighbourly and for individuals to let older people feel they are not alone but have someone they can turn to. We are encouraging people to think of their neighbours and to make a 'pledge' to support them in some small way.

2 ladies having a cup of teaPledge your support

If you already help your neighbour, we'd like to know!  If you would like more information to help you help people in your community, email Carly Munro for an information pack

Or fill out the form below or download the Be a Good Neighbour pledge form and send it in.

Ideas to be a Good Neighbour

Your pledges will not only help people feel less isolated but can also help older people to become more socially active. If you're stuck for ideas, look at our 10 ways to be a good neighbour ideas for inspiration.
Once your pledge has been submitted you will be sent a be a good neighbour starter pack to help you carry out your pledge and give you more ideas.

Share on social media

Feel free to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook with #beagoodneighbour. Share your stories and let us know how you get on. Raise awareness by taking a picture of you and an older person and sharing on social media  @AgeUKCK. Send in your success stories, pictures and ideas !

We want to make sure that everyone leads a happy and fulfilled life, whatever their age.


Pledge Form

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