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Age UK Camden’s Online Book Club Launches Friday 27th March 2020

Following the success of our Literary Festival this month we are delighted to welcome you to our brand new online book group! We hope that this will be especially helpful for those who need to or choose to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. 

On the last Friday of each month we will suggest a different book for us all to read. This will see a community of readers coming together to share ideas and express opinions. You can be as involved as you like, some of you may only want to read the book without discussion, and that’s okay too.

There is a group of us choosing the books so there will be a lot of variety in the coming months.

How it works:

  • Register with us so you get our regular communications and stay up to date. Email to register your interest. Information will then be sent to you.
  • You will need to source a copy of the book (this can either be a physical copy or you can listen to it as an audiobook from the Audible website
  • Read it over the month – we hope you enjoy it!
  • A new book will be selected on the last Friday of each month. The book choice will be uploaded to our website and additional information on this will be circulated to anyone who has registered their interest.
  • We will post questions for you to think about from time to time on twitter so do tweet us back with your answers
  • You can post a review of the book on the Age UK Camden Facebook page, we’d love to hear your thoughts - there is an Age UK Camden Book Group set up within our page for this purpose, all you need to do is request to join.

During this period of self-isolation we are urging people to support our emergency appeal. We are buying some copies of the book for people who are self-isolating and living in hardship. Please consider donating to this fund

Thank you!

For an introduction to our monthly book choices click on the name of the book in the menu to the left, or, if you are viewing on a phone, on the plus sign on the right and then on the book of your choice

It’s very possible that you might have a little more time on your hands in the coming weeks, and reading is certainly an enjoyable way to pass the time. As well as our Book of the Month you can follow the link below for a further great selection of e-books. Anybody with a Camden library card can download the relevant app, open an account and start borrowing.