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Welcome to Age UK Camden's Book Group led by writer and journalist, Emily Rhodes!

Each month we discuss a new book, giving the Camden community the opportunity to come together and share ideas and opinions on the latest novel and the themes the author explores. You can be as involved as you like: join our monthly meetings, take part in our Facebook discussions, or if you just want to read a new book - that's fine too!

How it works

  1. Simply join our dedicated Book Group mailing list, and Emily will be in touch with details on each month's book, and key discussion points.
  2. Join the discussion on the Age UK Camden Book Group Facebook group
  3. Meet us once a month at Henderson Court, The British Library or via Zoom.
  4. If you're not able to get online regularly, we can arrange a frequent phone call with you to discuss the book.
  5. Any questions? Email

Below are our upcoming dates for 2022 for the Book Club meeting at the British Library, Henderson Court and via Zoom.

British Library Terrace Café 11am -12.30pm Henderson Court (3.45pm - 5pm) & Zoom (4pm - 4.40pm)
June 29th June 30th
  August 25th
  September 29th
  October 27th
  November 24th
  December 15th