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Safety first

If you're fundraising for Age UK Camden, please ensure you follow the latest Government guidelines for your area when undertaking any fundraising activities, or if you're coming into contact with other people. 

Fundraising guidelines

  1. Ensure you follow the latest guidelines in your area for social distancing and gatherings.
  2. Instead of collecting cash donations, set-up a Just Giving or Give Penny page.
  3. High risk activities, for example an open water swim or a long distance run or climb, may put additional strain on emergency services if you get into difficulties. If you're embarking on a fitness challenge after spending a lot of time being inactive, it might be worth speaking to a GP first. For more information on health and safety guidelines please visit
  4. Be mindful of other's people's anxiety at this current time, and take into account that many people may be shielding. Do not knock on doors for donations, instead focus on promoting your activities on social media and with local community groups and platforms. 
  5. Display our charity number and logo on any promotional activities. By showing your supporters that you're legitimately fundraising for Age UK Camden, you'll encourage people to donate. 
  6. If you're baking, or making any food or drink products as part of your fundraising, be sure to comply with food safety guidance

If you want to raise vital funds for Age UK Camden, but are stuck for ideas on what to do, why not have a look at some of our ideas below. 

When fundraising for us, ensure you set up a Just Giving page beforehand so that other people can donate safely and securely. 

  • Online auction - you, or your company can set-up an online auction in aid of Age UK Camden with items donated or offers which can be redeemed when lockdown ends. 
  • Raffle - hampers, spa weekends or make-your-own cocktail sets could be raffled off, with the money raised going to Age UK Camden clients. 
  • Isolation challenge - take inspiration from Captain Tom and create your own fundraising challenge. Run a marathon around your garden, climb Machu Pichu from your stairs, or walk 10,000 steaps a day all in aid of supporting older people in Camden. 
  • Office sweepstake - hold an office or family sweepstake for EURO 2020 with the proceeds going to older people in Camden.
  • Virtual coffee morning - virtual coffee mornings are a great way for lonely older people in Camden to chat to one another and learn about London's cultural history. Get your organistion to host one, or donate funds to Age UK Camden so that we can host a sponsored coffee morning in your honour. 
  • Collaborative playlist - create an office playlist with your colleagues who're working from home with Give Penny
  • Fitness challenge - make the most of your new year's fitness resolution by running 5k every day in aid of Age UK Camden. 
  • Virtual quiz night - host a community quiz night, with the cost of entry or a portion of the prize money going to Age UK Camden. 
  • Gaming marathon - Give Penny allows Twitch users to to fundraise whilst streaming their gaming marathons. 
  • Community crafting - why not club together with locals and make bunting, bird boxes, knitted scarves or face masks for sale. The proceeds can go to Age UK Camden clients, ensuring they're warm and comfortable during winter months. 

Whatever you choose to do, stay safe and have fun raising much-needed donations for Age UK Camden! Keep us updated with your progress by tagging us on social media.