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We have developed our fundraising activity with our donors and local older people in mind. Money donated to us stays in the borough and if money is given to us for a particular service it is ring-fenced for that service. 

•Our fundraising is regulated by the Fundraising Regulator and as such we always abide by their Code of Fundraising Practice. We are also members of the Fundraising Preference Service which informs us if anyone has a complaint or concern about us. We will keep our fundraising practices under review and we will work with others with the aim of improving practice across the charity sector;

Anyone who is kind enough to consider supporting us can be reassured that:

•We do not undertake any fundraising door-to-door activity;

•Due to the nature of our charitable work and objectives, in particular our safeguarding policies and work around protecting older people in their homes, we do not send our fundraisers to knock on people’s doors to ask for donations;

•We do not ask for direct debit donations on the street

•We will not approach you on the street and ask for your bank details;

•We do not share personal data beyond the Age UK Camden Group;

•We will never pass on your personal data to other organisations or charities for marketing purposes and will only contact you about products and services provided and/or offered by the Age UK Camden Group and Age UK Network;

•We do not sell personal data;

•We will never sell your personal data to other organisations or charities;

•We do not ‘cold-call’ people for fundraising purposes. ‘Cold calling’ involves a company or business calling someone with whom they have had no prior contact. We only phone people with whom we have an existing relationship, supported us in the past or told us they would like to hear from us;

•We will always check first that you’re happy to speak to us when we phone. And if you don’t want to be phoned, just let us know;

•Every communication from us to members of the public will always include information on how to opt out from future communications;

•We only want to contact people who are happy to hear from us and we encourage people to get in touch if they’d like to change the way we communicate with them;

•If you tell us you don’t want to hear from us again, or want to hear from us less, we will respect that;

•We always stop direct debits received from donors if a third party (e.g. family and friends) advise us that the donor is vulnerable in some way; if we are satisfied that such third party is entitled to act on the donor’s behalf;

•We know peoples circumstances change and will always cancel donations if one of our supporters is in a vulnerable situation. And if you’re ever worried about an older friend or relative, don’t forget we have lots of information and advice to help, just give us a call on 020 7 239 0400;

•We will only work with professional fundraising organisations that meet our high standards.