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Later Life Assembly... on health and care

You love the idea of making a positive change in health and social care, but you don't know how to make a contribution. This event is for you.

The 'Later Life Assembly' is a gathering of people who are interested in later life in Cheshire - and everyone is welcome! The Assembly is hosted by Age UK Cheshire and has identified health and care as key priorities for older people here in Cheshire. The Assembly has also agreed to work in partnership with other organisations and individuals to campaign and influence improvements in health and care.

On March 11th, our friends from national Age UK will visit Chester to work with us. They are keen to hear your views, experiences and ideas in three key areas... 

  • What type of health and care services would help local people and communities?
  • How can national Age UK and Age UK Cheshire support the people who need us most?
  • What are your experiences of health and care at a local level?

Who should attend?

This event is free and is for people who want to make a difference.

If this sounds like you please book a ticket, bring along a pad and paper to take notes, bring your questions, tell your friends, share this page.

Special note: This event only works if we get a few people along. Can you help us by sharing this page with your networks? Any and all link shares are extremely helpful for the work of the 'Later Life Assembly'.

Contact us:

For more information and to get involved, please contact Dale Maskell on 01606 305030 or email:

Book onto the Later Life Assembly... on health and care

You love the idea of making a positive change in health and social care, but you don't know how to make a contribution. This event is for you.

Previous Later Life Assemblies...

(Updated 18/02/2020)

We want people in later life to be actively engaged in making positive change happen. We want local people to be informed about local and national campaigns, consultations and decisions. We want to facilitate people being involved in activism and the co-production of services that impact on later life experiences. We want to support a programme of local activism, building on the strength, knowledge, skills, and influence of individuals and groups.

Our first later Life Assembly was held in Chester on 29th May 2019 with the second taking place on October 11th 2019. The Assemblies develop campaigns based on what is important to the people attending. The first Later Life Assembly was a general discussion about issues affecting older people, from which, it was agreed that transport was the major concern.

The second Later Life Life Assembly (October 11th 2019) was focused on transport and the people who attended were asked to co-produce campaign ideas on the issues that mattered most to them. It provided a useful insight into peoples' experiences of transport and how they would like it to be improved here in Cheshire.

There were six ideas that were discussed and developed into campaign themes.  Members of the Assembly were then asked to vote on which of the six campaigns that they would like to see taken forward, and two ideas will be those on which we focus. We will be beginning work on these transport campaigns shortly. If you would like to get involved, please feel free to get in touch.

The six initial campaign ideas that were suggested by the Assembly attendees on transport...

Join the dots

This campaign hoped to tackle the issue of large rural areas having no public transport services available. It wanted to create a Cheshire that had integrated rural transport that was accessible, affordable and reliable. The group members committed to exchanging contacts and ideas to share learning and skills and influencing local politicians and communities. The next steps were to discuss a survey, write to MP and come up with some positive solutions to the challenges.

Share the Journey

This campaign hoped to make sure that the minibuses and cars that are already in communthink about how to influence people who made decisions on transport and to establish a local champion for transport. The campaign wanted to influence Cheshire West and Chester Council to take a lead and for the people with an interest to apply pressure on them to do this.ities were best used. It wanted to speak to all the local people who were interested in transport.

Getting There

This campaign wanted to tackle the problems of a lack of information on public transport and the climate impact that cars have. It wanted to change peoples’ mindsets to encourage them to use more public transport and fewer cars. The campaign wanted to encourage the production of printed, integrated transport timetables and a telephone contact to offer support and queries.

Transport 4 All

This campaign wanted to tackle the non-existent public transport provision, irregular services and a lack of information about current services. This campaign wanted to create a Cheshire where everyone had a regular and reliable bus service, reducing the use of cars and increasing the independence of disabled people. The campaign wanted to do this by writing to bus companies, local councils and councillors, MPs and Age UK. The campaign wanted Age UK Cheshire to produce template letters and to create a survey on transport for local people to contribute to.

Save Lorna's Legs

This campaign wanted to tackle the problem of a lack of access and connectivity to key city centre locations – Town Hall, Bus Station, Train Station, Hospital, Retail Park and the Northgate Development. The campaign also highlighted the problem of accessing the Countess on foot, via a hill, from the bus stop. The campaign wanted to improve accessibility of these locations, reduce congestion, reduce parking pressures, transfer shoppers between key locations and help out-of-town visitors. This campaign wanted to create a community action plan on transport services. The campaign suggested speaking to the relevant people and organisations to help them understand how restricting the current arrangements are.

Bus Stop for Tattenhall Care Village Residents

This campaign wanted to tackle the problem of the bus stop by the Tattenhall Care Village being too far away from the development. The campaign proposed a letter writing campaign to influence the creation/movement of the bus stop closer to the retirement village.

Later Life Assemblies are currently only running in Chester but we will look to expand these across the county in the future