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Managing the Menopause

Published on 15 January 2024 01:33 PM

Are you experiencing menopause? Approaching a new stage of life? We’ve got some tips, resources, and local support groups to help.

Menopause, for many, is a natural part of ageing. Although menopause can happen at any time, people aged 51 and over are most likely to recognise the symptoms and the impact of the menopause on day-to-day life. It is a common misconception that menopause affects us only at the onset; it is something that may continue to affect us until much later on in life. No matter what stage of menopause you’re at, there is help to support you through it.

There are many support groups and services in Swansea to help you through your journey and alleviate menopausal stresses you may be feeling and experiencing.

If you’re looking for medical guidance, please seek advice from your local GP.

Read more from Age UK on symptoms and how to access further support.