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Adult Social Care Discussion Group

Published on 11 May 2023 09:08 PM

There is an opportunity to attend a discussion group on Monday 15 May 2023 from 1.00pm until 2.30pm. The meeting will take place on Microsoft Teams.

Devon County Council would like the hear about peoples experience of the Social Care assessments and reviews process.

This is an opportunity for you to talk about your experience on being assessed, reviewed and the resulting support; to give Devon County Council a better insight on the process. They would like to find out and test how well the process is understood, whether you felt you were being given genuine choice, how you felt about the conversation exploring what support you can get from family and friends, whether you understood that they were trying to maintain your independence, and how satisfied you were with the response to your request for help in terms of timing, respect and the end result.

At the meeting Jeff Walker Social Worker and Business Change Manager will lead a discussion on the following key areas:

  • How your review or assessment was carried out?
  • How you found your review or assessment?
  • Clarity on the support and information available.
  • How long the review or assessment took?
  • Were your opinions heard in the review or assessment?
  • Your understanding of what would happen next.
  • Anything that could of made your review or assessment better? 

If you are interested in attending, please contact us via or by telephone on 0333 241 2340.