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Clitheroe Health & Wellbeing Centre is home to the popular Men in Sheds Project.

It offers a warm and welcoming space for older men, who want to get together with like-minded people to share skills, learn from each other and try new hobbies. 

  • John's Story

    John, 76, lost his beloved wife in July 2018 and living in their home quickly became lonesome. He had pictures of the two of them hanging on his walls, her clothes scattered across the bed - everything just reminded him of her. A month went by since his wife’s passing before John's daughter discovered ‘Men in Sheds’, a local group run by the Clitheroe Health & Wellbeing Centre.

    Since that first day, John has been amazed by the support and kind generosity from both the staff and the other clients that attend.

    “On my first day at Men in Sheds I met Alan - who I didn’t even know - and we got a little model plane out. He started to help me make it, and then I took it home to finish it."

Contact Us

  • 36 Clitheroe Gardens
  • Watford
  • WD19 6RP


Monday and Thursday | 10am - 12pm 

For more information call Kerry on:

  • 01932 256 360 or 0208 285 507