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Time: 60 minutes (plus paint drying time)

What you will need?  Juice Carton*, Paint*, paint brush, Scissors, string, pencil*, light weight round/flat objects, glue/sticky tape, food for birds

Advice: Take your time when using the scissors to pierce the carton  




How to make your recycled bird feeder to support and connect with nature

  • Wash the inside of your used juice carton  (A plastic bottle or similar object can be used instead)


  • Paint the outside of the carton and allow to thoroughly dry (if you do not have paint you could wrap the main body of the container with plain paper using glue or tape)


  • Using a pair of scissors cut the tummy hole and create cuts on the sides to look like wings (important make sure you leave at least 3cm of the bottom of the carton to hold the food so it does not fall out)


  • Glue or tape the two round/flat objects to create the bird feeders eyes and attach the beak if chosen using the card from the tummy hole (see illustration above)


  • Use a pointed object to create a hanging hole for the string and a front and back hole under the tummy so that you can push a pencil or pen to create the perch for the bird to land on (by pushing the pencil through the front and back of the carton you ensure the strength to support the birds weight)


  • Finally you simply add bird seed or other similar food to the carton and hang it in the garden and in time feathered friends should visit you.