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Age UK Hounslow currently has a number of Policies and a large number of Processes and Procedures.  All documents are reviewed at least annually (some more frequently when there are changes to laws and other reasons).  All Policies and Procedures are provided to all staff who confirm they have read and understood them and some appropriate Policies and Procedures are provided to Volunteers in line with the work they are performing for the charity. 

The list of Policies and Procedures can be found below -  if you wish to have a copy please contact our main centre at 0208 560 6969 

Document Name

Absence Policy

Alcohol & Drug Policy

Bullying & Harassment Policy

Charging Policy

Clean Desk Policy

Code of Conduct

Complaints Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Cost Effectiveness Policy

Data Protection GDPR Policy

DBS Disclosure Policy

Dignity & Respect inc Social Care

Disciplinary Rules & Procedures Policy

Electronic Communication Policy

Environmental Policy

Equality & Diversity Policy

Financial Controls

Fundraising Policy

Gifts, Donations, Wills & Bequests

Grievance Policy

Hand Hygiene & Infection Control

Health & Safety Policy

Home Working Policy

Internet Use

Lone Worker Policy

Maternity, Paternity, Adoption Policy

Menstrual and Menopause Policy

Mental Capacity Policy

No Smoking & Vaping Policy

Password Policy

Privacy Policy

Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy

Recruitment & Selection Policy

Recycling & Waste Management Policy

Reserve and Investment Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Service Users Code of Conduct

Social Media Strategy 21/22

Social Media Consent Form

Staff Training & Development

Use, Security & Return of Equipment

Vaccination Policy

Volunteer Training Policy

Volunteering Policy

Volunteer/Staff Purchasing

Whistleblowing Policy




Alcohol and Drug

Bullying and Harassment


Code of Conduct

Conflict of Interest

Cost Effectiveness

DBS Disclosure

Dignity and Respect including Social Care including Social Care Disciplinary Rules and Procedures

Electronic Communication


Financial Controls

Gifts, Donations, Wills and Bequests


Hand Hygiene and Infection Control

Health and Safety

Internet Use

Lone Worker

Maternity, Paternity, Adoption

Mental Capacity

Mobile Phone

No Smoking and Vaping


Protection of Vulnerable Adults

Recruitment and Selection

Recycling and Waste Management


Risk Assessment

Service Users Code of Conduct

Staff Training and Development

Terrorist Threat Guidelines

Use, Security and Return of Equipment

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Training


Volunteer/Staff Purchasing


Please contact Age UK Hounslow for other Policies and Procedures documentation.