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Caring for a loved one can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it is also a big undertaking that can leave you feeling tired and stressed. It is important that you look after yourself and take advantage of the support available to you as a carer.

Taking care of your care needs

If you look after a friend or family member, who relies on your support to manage their daily life, you are a carer.

The number of informal (unpaid) carers is increasing amongst the older generation which is why we offer a range of support for older carers and carers of older people. Our support is free and confidential and we are here to help you.

Please also browse our Helping You Live Independently pages for support we can offer the person for whom you are caring, including day care and home care services.

To find out more you can talk to us on 0116 299 2233, or email us at,

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