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Making the Most of Older People

Published on 09 April 2018 02:02 PM

Age UK London's Age Manifesto for the 2014 London Borough Council Elections called for older people to be at the heart of the debate.

Making the Most of Older People Front CoverAge UK London and the Greater London Forum jointly launched an Age Manifesto for the 2014 London Borough Council Elections that were held on 22nd May 2014.

'Making the Most of Older People'calls for Council election candidates to make Boroughs age friendly and support older people’s contribution to the capital, ensuring they keep older people at the centre of their election campaigns and work for them during their time in office.

Through consulting with older people in London, as well as older people's organisations in the capital, Age UK London has targeted eight key areaswhere older people can be served by their Councillors.

Health and social care, accessibility, transport, and housing are among the policy areas touched on in the Manifesto.

Age UK London Chief Executive Samantha Mauger said:

"We want all candidates in the upcoming local elections to think  about older people as they campaign and, more importantly, when  they are elected. Older people contribute a great deal to London  including through employment, volunteering and as carers. Ensuring  our Boroughs are age friendly is essential. The voice of older  people needs to be heard and the issues they face need to be  addressed. We call on candidates to follow through with the recommendations we make in our Age Manifesto."

Age UK London is calling for all candidates, if elected, to:

• Make their borough age friendly

• Make travel accessible

• Ensure high quality health and social care services

• Help older people stay fit, active and involved

• Provide accessible, affordable housing

• Ensure equal opportunities in employment and volunteering

• Make London’s streets safe and attractive

• Make information accessible

There are over 2 million people aged 50 or over in London, roughly a quarter of London’s population and just over 900,000 people are aged over 65. London’s older population is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, particularly the oldest age groups.