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South Korea visits Age UK Merton

Published on 24 April 2024 10:24 AM

Age UK Merton gets a special visit from council members of the Mapo-gu area in South Korea.

A group of 16 council members from the Mapo-gu area of Seoul visited us at the centre on Friday 26th April to hear all about our work with our community both in the centre and across the borough. 

I think we can safely say they were very impressed at all we do and had many questions for us (via translator, of course). The group were visiting the UK to learn more about how we care for our older people as Korea have an aging population and need to look at the way they support them as the generations around them change.

Thank you to everyone in the centre who made the group feel so welcome and adapted and adjusted our mornings to accommodate a larger than expected group!! It was so good to see everyone pulling together.

Special thanks to Lynne who did a fabulous job speaking about all aspects of AUKM. Lynne is proposing we start an exchange programme- any volunteers!

It was a Friday to remember as there was special lunch being served and the covid spring boosters- which were well received by all parties.