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Age UK Stockport Social Value Statement

Social Value means how we make the most effective use of the resources we have and how we can maximise the impact we have using these resources to benefit the people, communities and organisations we work with, ensuring positive social, economic and environmental outcomes for Stockport.

Our approach to Social Value means that we work collaboratively to identify and help achieve social benefits. This approach applies not only to our own activities, but also to engaging with the other organisations that commission, procure and fund our activities and with those we deliver activities with and to.

We demonstrate and deliver social value through:

1.    Promoting participation and citizen engagement through: enabling individuals and communities to build resilience and to support and help themselves, including through active volunteering.

2.    Promoting capacity and sustainability of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector through:  being an active part of and contributing to the effectiveness and resilience of the VCSE sector in Stockport.

3.    Promoting equity and fairness through:  working to reduce poverty, health and employment inequalities; and promoting and supporting the preventative agenda to prevent, reduce and delay the use of higher level support services.

4.    Promoting employment and economic sustainability through: supporting more local people in work; being a thriving local enterprise - part of the local and regional economy; and enabling local enterprises to help people in later life in Stockport.

5.    Raising the living standard of local residents through: employing a local workforce that is fairly paid and positively supported.

6.    Promoting environmental sustainability through: protecting our physical environment and contributing towards climate change reduction.

7.    Promoting a positive and inclusive attitude to older people through: promoting age equality, challenging age discrimination and supporting inclusivity for people in later life.

Board of Trustees & Directors