Volunteering with Age UK Wiltshire is a rewarding way to spend your time, but don't take our word for it, here are what some of our volunteers have to say about the various roles and activities they are involved in.


Information & Advice

Jasper and Jean help with providing Information and Advice in the community


"I was looking for somethign to do to help my community that didn't tie me down too much. This opportunity with Age UK Wiltshire worked well because I can do it as and when. It's rewarding that you spend an 'hour and a half with someone and you know you have made a big difference for them and improved thier quality of life"

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"I had recently retired and I had workplace skills that I wanted to use to the benefit of other people. I had/have also other commitments including quite a bit of babysitting for three grandchildren, all under four. Age UK welcomes the time I have to offer as a volunteer with them but I decide how much I can do and there is no pressure to do more than I comfortably can."

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Toenail Cutting Service

Sheelaagh is a volunteer receptionist at one of our toenail cutting clinics


"Initially I registered to have my own nails cut following a hip replacement. The nail cutter mentioned the receptionist for Warminster had left and that it was hard to find volunteers, so I offered to take it on. I have got to know most of the clients now, and I enjoy meeting them and hearing their news. They are grateful for the service we offer, so I feel that I am doing somethinhg worthwhile."

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Sue and Mark are volunteer with our befriending service


"I was aware of the good work Age UK do through my job. I am also very aware of the impact of loneliness and isolation on older people's confidence, wellbeing and health and many older people end up in  hospital or a care home prematurely because of this. From a personal perspective, I have been doing some voluntyeering with a youth group my daughter belonged to, but as she is now grown-up I found I have more time on my hands and was looking for something a bit different to do."

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"I wanted to get more satisfaction out of life and do something for older people. I was hoping this would make me appreciate what a fantastic life I've got. In the busyness of life, it's easy to forget that some people are really struggling in their personal situations. Volunteering take very little of my time yet it makes a massive difference to the person (and family) you are helping"

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