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chair based exercise

A poem by one of our friends at Leverhulme Court:

Exercising with Age UK Wirral is helping to keep us agile
If it weren't for their support, we'd be and stay most fragile
So every Monday morning we flex our muscles and bones
If you listen carefully you may hear some cracks and groans
But we really do enjoy it, round in a circle we sit
Keeping in tune to the music because we want to keep fit

Comments from our patrons

"A most enjoyable and worthwhile class. The lady volunteers encourage and inspire us amidst fun and hard work, our brains begin to function, stiff limbs relax and arthritic joint slowly move."
- patron aged 92, Osborne Court

"For the past two years I have taken classes at the Age UK Wirral Active Age Centre. I have found Tai Chi looks after my body. I have for the past twelve years suffered with high blood pressure and since starting this class my blood pressure has gone down. The second class I take is the Water Colour Painting, this helps with the old grey matter, and is a very good way of meeting people in a happy enviroment."  - Active Age Centre patron

"I am writing to tell you how much my wife and I are enjoying our class sessions. We have renewed our acquaintances with parts of the body we weren't sure we still had and find that there's more fun to be had in a chair than we remembered. I hope this will help in your efforts to spread the good work.

My well-known comment here is that it's the best hour of the week. And could you please do something for memories? I don't think mine is worth much, but my forgettory is in excellent trim and going very cheap! If you think this is too flippant, just bring along a few doubters to see my back flip!" - Ted and Edna, Osborne Court

Frank and Tommy"Good place, good company, good fun, good tutor, good for the body and mind, keep up the good work!"
- Active Age Centre patron

"Having the stimulation of the classes has made a great difference to my too-quiet life, particularly during the endless dreariness of winter.I have made many new friends and appreciate the teachers who keep the groups so cheerful. I hope that we can carry on and I do appreciate the efforts of all concerned." - Active Age Centre patron

"The team at Harvest Court have transformed my life, with their help and advice. I had no idea so much help was out there. It is like a miracle. Thank you." - Harvest Court patron

"Thank you for all your help. I could not have done it on my own." - Harvest Court client

"Thank you for your help in sorting out my claim for attendance allowance." - Harvest Court patron

"I have met Dawn, an Age UK Wirral employee at Harvest Court, Moreton. She has been outstanding. A very nice young lady who has helped me enormously." - Harvest Court patron