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Age UK Wirral relies on volunteers to help us offer vital services in the local community. If you'd like to lend a hand, please complete this form 
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For more information or if you are unable to complete your application online, you can email our Volunteer Coordinator at or call us on 0151 482 3456 option 6


  • Dementia Day Care Volunteer

    We are looking for volunteers to offer support at our two Devonshire dementia day care centres - Devonshire House in Birkenhead and Meadowcroft in Bromborough.

  • Charity Shop Volunteer

    Meet new people, help us raise funds and have fun while volunteering in our shops.

  • Class Activity Assistant

    Become a volunteer and help support us to provide a varied menu of activities for older people.

  • Digital Volunteer

    Do you have digital skills and would like to support people who are digitally excluded?

  • Transport Befriender

    Do you drive? By volunteering you could support isolated older people who require supported transport to and from appointments and activities.

  • One to One Befriender

    Could you visit a lonely older person?  Help us fight loneliness on the Wirral by becoming a befriender.

  • Carers Support Volunteer

    Meet new people at our group sessions whilst supporting our clients who have mild to moderate memory problems.

  • Administration

    Administration is an important part of Age UK Wirral, and we need your skills

  • Gardening Volunteer

    Do you have green fingers and would like to support us with general maintenance of our outdoor spaces?

  • Phonelink Befriender

    Would you like to support our befriending service where clients receive a regular call from the same volunteer each week?

  • Volunteer Shopper

    Do you love shopping? Would you like to carry out shopping trips on behalf of older people on the Wirral?

  • Fundraising Volunteer

    Meet new people whilst supporting us with our fundraising activities in the community.

Volunteer Application Form

If you're interested in any of these roles, please complete this form.

What our volunteers say

"I love working here, it's the best job I've EVER had.  I like being useful, feeling valued, having a purpose."

"One of the things I enjoy is meeting new people.  Age UK Wirral is such a friendly and caring organisation, I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of volunteering."

More from our volunteers

Why volunteer?

Volunteering for Age UK Wirral, can be a rewarding experience for several reasons:

  1. Make a Difference: Volunteering allows you to have a positive impact on the lives of older individuals. Many seniors face challenges such as loneliness, health issues, and financial concerns. Your involvement can contribute to improving their quality of life.
  2. Build Connections: Volunteering provides an opportunity to connect with older members of your community. Building relationships with seniors can be personally fulfilling, and it can also help combat social isolation, which is a common issue among the elderly.
  3. Learn and Share Skills: Volunteering often involves sharing your skills and knowledge. Whether you're assisting with technology, providing companionship, or offering practical support, your expertise can be valuable to seniors who may benefit from your assistance.
  4. Gain Experience: Volunteering can be a way to gain experience in areas such as healthcare, social work, or community outreach. This experience can be particularly beneficial if you are considering a career change or pursuing a degree in a related field.
  5. Contribute to Community Well-being: By volunteering for Age UK Wirral, you will contribute to the well-being of your community. Supporting the elderly population helps create a more compassionate and interconnected society.
  6. Personal Growth: Volunteering often leads to personal growth. It can enhance your interpersonal skills, patience, and empathy. Dealing with the challenges faced by older individuals can also provide a broader perspective on life.
  7. Flexible Opportunities: Age UK Wirral offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to suit different skills, interests, and time commitments. Whether you have a few hours a week or a more extensive time commitment, you can find a role that fits your schedule.
  8. Promote Active Aging: Volunteering can be a way to promote active aging by encouraging older individuals to engage in social activities, community events, and various programs. Your involvement can contribute to their overall well-being and sense of purpose.
  9. Social Responsibility: Volunteering is a way to fulfill a sense of social responsibility. By dedicating your time and efforts to support older adults, you actively participate in creating a more inclusive and caring society.
  10. Feel Good Factor: Knowing that you are making a positive impact on the lives of others can be incredibly rewarding. The sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that comes from volunteering can contribute to your overall well-being.

Who can volunteer?

Age UK Wirral welcomes volunteers from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The eligibility criteria for volunteering with Age UK Wirral, may vary based on the specific roles and responsibilities involved. However, in general, Age UK Wirral.  is open to volunteers who:

  1. Have a Passion for Supporting Older Adults: A genuine interest in working with and supporting older individuals is often a key requirement. Volunteers should have empathy, patience, and a commitment to enhancing the well-being of older members of the community.
  2. Possess Relevant Skills: Different volunteer roles may require different skills. For example, volunteers might be needed for companionship, administrative tasks, technology assistance, fundraising, or event coordination. Volunteers with specific skills or expertise that align with the organisation's needs are often sought after.
  3. Pass a Background Check: Some volunteer roles, especially those involving direct contact with vulnerable individuals, may require passing a background check. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of the older adults being served.
  4. Can Commit Time: Volunteers should be able to commit to the time requirements of the specific role. Some roles may be short-term or project-based, while others may require a more consistent, ongoing commitment.
  5. Are Willing to Learn: Volunteers may be required to undergo training to better understand the organisation's mission, values, and specific procedures. A willingness to learn and adapt is often appreciated.
  6. Have Good Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial, especially when working with older individuals. Volunteers should be able to communicate clearly and respectfully.
  7. Can Work Independently and as a Team: Depending on the role, volunteers may need to work independently or collaboratively with others. The ability to function well both independently and as part of a team is often valued.
  8. Respect Diversity: Volunteers should be open-minded and respectful of the diversity within the older adult population and the community at large.

How much time do I need to give?

How much time do I need to give?

The amount of time you'll need to commit to volunteering for Age UK Wirral, can vary depending on the specific role and your availability. Age UK Wirral, like many volunteer offers a range of volunteer opportunities with different time commitments. Here are a few considerations:

Flexible Opportunities: Many volunteer roles with Age UK are designed to be flexible, accommodating volunteers with varying schedules. Some opportunities may only require a few hours per week or month, making it easier to fit volunteering into your existing commitments.

Short-Term or Project-Based: Some volunteer roles may be short-term or project-based. This could involve helping with a specific event, campaign, or initiative, allowing you to contribute without a long-term time commitment.

Ongoing Commitments: Other roles may involve a more regular and ongoing commitment. For example, if you're providing companionship to an older individual, we may prefer a consistent schedule to ensure continuity and a meaningful relationship.

Varied Roles: Age UK offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, including administrative tasks, fundraising, event coordination, technology assistance, and more. The time commitment may vary based on the nature of the role.

Your Availability: Consider your own availability and how much time you can realistically dedicate to volunteering. Be transparent about your schedule and discuss this with the volunteer coordinator at Age UK. They can help match you with a role that aligns with your time constraints.

When exploring volunteer opportunities with Age UK Wirral, it's essential to have clear communication about your availability, preferences, and any limitations. This ensures that we both have a mutual understanding of expectations.


What you can expect from us

What you can expect from us.

When volunteering for Age UK Wirral, you can expect a range of experiences and support. The specific expectations and experiences may vary based on the volunteer role you choose, but here are some general aspects you can anticipate:

Training and Orientation: Age UK Wirral provides training and orientation for their volunteers. This may include information about the organisation's mission, values, and policies, as well as specific guidance related to your volunteer role.

Supportive Environment: We aim to create a supportive environment for volunteers. Whether you are providing companionship, assisting with administrative tasks, or engaging in other activities, you can expect guidance and encouragement from us.

Clear Role Expectations: Before you start volunteering, you should receive clear information about your role, responsibilities, and any specific tasks you'll be undertaking. This ensures that both you and the organisation have a shared understanding of expectations.

Flexibility: We recognise that volunteers have different schedules and commitments. Many volunteer roles are designed to be flexible, allowing you to contribute based on your availability.

Opportunities for Personal Growth: Volunteering with Age UK Wirral, can offer opportunities for personal growth. You may develop new skills, gain valuable experience, and enhance your understanding of the challenges faced by older individuals in the community.

Appreciation and Recognition: We often expresses gratitude for the contributions of its volunteers. This may come in the form of acknowledgment, recognition events, or appreciation from the individuals you are supporting.

Networking and Community Engagement: Volunteering with us provides an opportunity to connect with other volunteers, staff members, and the community. This networking can be socially rewarding and may lead to additional opportunities for involvement.

Regular Communication: Expect regular communication from Age UK Wirral, which may include updates, newsletters, and information about events or training opportunities. Clear communication helps keep volunteers informed and engaged.

Feedback and Evaluation: We may seek feedback from volunteers to assess the effectiveness of our programme and the overall volunteer experience. This feedback loop is essential for continuous improvement.

Access to Resources: Volunteers will have access to resources and information relevant to their roles. This support can include materials, guidelines, and contact information for staff members who can assist with any questions or concerns.

Remember that the specific experience will depend on the nature of the volunteer role, and the unique dynamics of the community we are serving. Before committing to volunteering, it's a good idea to have a conversation with the volunteer coordinator or staff members to get a comprehensive understanding of what you can expect and how your skills and interests align with the organisation's needs.