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Case studies


Older ladyAngela is an 85 year old lady who lives alone in her own home. Angela has significant short term memory loss and was at risk of having to move to residential care. 

Since Age UK Bristol’s Housing Support service has become involved, systems have been put in place that provide memory prompts and they have organised a Home Care Agency to visit on a regular basis. 

The Housing Support team continue to visit Angela to provide regular welfare checks and assist her in dealing and responding to all relevant correspondence. With the appropriate support now in place it means Angela is able to continue happily residing in the home that she loves and has lived in all of her life.


Older manDonald, aged 72, joined the New Beginnings Day Service in 2006. Before joining, Donald’s typical day at home involved reading, watching television and doing a little gardening.

Due to increasing health problems, Donald was becoming frustrated as he was unable to 'stick to anything' for long periods of time, especially in the garden. Donald joined the service having just been recently widowed, and experiencing deteriorating health conditions, causing him to become socially isolated.

Since joining the day service, he now participates in many of the activities. The accessible location of the new premises means he can enjoy shopping with the support of a member of staff. Donald is a sociable gentleman who enjoys meeting other people, especially men, when they talk about 'men things'.

Donald says he has grown in confidence with the support of the service and feels that by attending he has also had the opportunity to increase his social network.

Carol and George

CoupleCarol and George are both in their eighties, and consulted Age UK Bristol because they had received correspondence from Bristol City Council informing them that their entitlement to Council Tax Benefit had ceased.

Worse than that, they were informed that they had been overpaid over a four-year period and were required to pay back in excess of £4,000 or face legal action.

Age UK Bristol corresponded with the Council on the Carol and George’s behalf. Eventually, after several months and a great deal of negotiation, the Council accepted that an official error had occurred and agreed to refund the sum paid.

Carol and George were very pleased that they didn’t owe any money, and that they received their £4,000 back.


Older ladyIt had been many years since Francis, now aged 88, had been able to shop for herself and had relied on her husband, who went to the shops by taxi. He passed away in August 2008 and Francis had to rely on help from her daughter, who lives in Weston-super-Mare. 

This was hardly ideal, but Francis knew of no other help available apart from two meals a week brought to her by friends at the local church. 

When Francis heard of the telephone shopping scheme, she was immediately interested as it would give her the opportunity to 'shop' at her favourite supermarket again, without relying on her daughter. 

She is thrilled with the service and never fails to express her thanks every week. She loves the weekly conversation and a laugh with someone at Age UK Bristol. Her life is now so much easier and only has to have friends help her to church once a week.

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Sadly, both the Link Up Service and Community Development Project have now closed due to lack of funding. Age UK Bristol still strives to help the lonely and isolated through its remaining services but the need for befriending services, and those that work to involve older people in their communities still exists across Bristol.