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Can you help?

Age UK BRWF is looking at opportunities to extend the support available from its Charity Shops by creating ‘Information Hubs’, but we need the thoughts and feedback from our local communities.

Having access to information and advice that we can trust and help us make informed decisions is important to all of us throughout our lives, but especially as we grow older which is why our Information & Advice Service is core to everything that we do as a local charity.

Age UK BRWF is constantly looking at ways in which it can develop its support for people living in North Worcestershire. An opportunity that it is currently reviewing is to extend the support that is available from its Charity Shops by creating ‘Information Hubs’.

To help us to develop this opportunity we would really appreciate feedback from our local communities on the information and support that people would like available, and would be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to complete the following survey.

Take part in our 'Information Hub' Survey

In which district is your nearest Age UK BRWF shop?
Which Age UK BRWF support/ services would you be interested in finding out more about (select all that apply):
Would you like to be able to access Guides and Leaflets from your local Age UK BRWF Shop?
If you answered ‘Yes’ which topics/ areas would you be interested in (tick all that apply)
Would you be interested in attending ‘Pop Up Surgeries’ at your local Age UK BRWF Shop if they could be arranged?

Get Involved

To find out more about the different ways you can get involved and support us, call us on 01527 570490 or email: