Moving house can be a daunting prospect
This is especially true if you have lived in your current home for many years. This alone can put people off making the move that could make a significant difference to their lives.

If you are thinking of moving house but are not sure about how to go about it, Seamless Relocation can help you.

A new lease of life
As we get older, the home we live in can become more difficult to manage – financially, practically and socially.  Moving to somewhere more manageable, maybe smaller, closer to friends and family or amenities, or into sheltered housing, can bring with it greater independence and a new lease of life.

Seamless Relocation can help with the whole business of moving, everything from choosing an estate agent, finding a new home, and sorting through belongings and memories, to organising removals, utilities and help and support on the day of the move.

Shared values

We have chosen to work with Seamless Relocation because their values, ethos and way of working are very similar to ours.  We have regular joint meetings, receive feedback forms from older people and have an advisory group that includes older people from within the county.

For more information, contact Seamless Relocation on 0208 621 3553.

Or call the Age UK Buckinghamshire helpline 01296 431911.

Further information