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Donate Your Words

Published on 18 September 2019 10:15 AM

Cadbury is joining forces with AgeUK to fight loneliness

Were proud that Age UK is working with Cadbury to help draw attention to the 225,000 older people who often go a whole week without speaking to anyone.

Loneliness is a crisis in the UK. Being lonely affects your health, your wellbeing and the way you see yourself. It can make you feel invisible and forgotten.

Age UK and Cadbury have joined forces to do something about it. And we need your help.

Cadbury hadonated the words from their Cadbury Dairy Milk bars for every bar sold, 30p will go directly to Age UK to help provide vital services, support and friendship when older people need it most.

We’re asking you to think about how you could donate your words to make a difference to older people near you. Here are some ideas;

Start a conversation with an older person
It doesn't have to be much - just a quick chat about the weather or the football can brighten someone's day.
Call an older relative

Pick up the phone and give your nan, your uncle or an older friend a ring! Even a 5 minute chat can make a difference.

Check in on an older neighbour

Simply saying hello regularly can help older neighbours feel part of a caring community.

Visit the Donate your words website to find out more about how you can help: AgeUK/Cadbury

Volunteer close to home

Volunteer as a befriender to help fight loneliness in your local community