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Camden Intergenerational Week

Published on 31 January 2018 08:44 AM

Camden Intergenerational Week works across Camden’s diverse communities to forge and strengthen long-lasting, intercultural and personal relationships, with a focus on intergenerational connections. We are pleased to share our short film, made with Ageing Better in Camden and Camden Intergenerational Network.

Watch our video 


 As part of the film, we ask people who took part, “what word describes spending time with different generations?” Here’s what they said:  “inspiring, happiness, rewarding, perspective, unity, progress, listening, co-operation, confidence, community”

Dr John Miles, of the British Society of Gerontology who is Chair of the Camden Intergenerational Network said, “we have the potential to influence community development and address a tendency to segregate by age and promote the benefits of contact instead. In Camden, we are fortunate that talented and committed people are bringing the generations together. We hope in the future to see more and more people joining the Network conversation and providing more activities.”

Annabel Collins, Programme Manager at Ageing Better in Camden said, “this video encapsulates the soul of the intergenerational work we do. This week encourages meaningful, valuable experiences. This is very much a two way exchange, with stories and knowledge exchanged both ways.”

Gary Jones, CEO of Age UK Camden, “we were thrilled to be part of Camden Intergenerational Week. Mixing generations can be a challenge, but the benefits for the community and individuals are easy to see. We look forward to continuing our intergenerational work throughout the year and hope this film displays the rich experiences and encourages more people to get involved.”