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Read, Talk, Share sessions

Published on 11 February 2021 12:58 PM

Join our weekly Read, Talk, Share sessions

Following last week's announcement about our 8-week 'Read, Talk, Share' campaign, we'd like to provide you with further information and resources, so that you can get involved, or encourage older people you're supporting to take part. 

Read, Talk, Share is delivered in partnership with Camden Libraries and the Reading Agency, and is designed to tackle loneliness, and support the mental health and wellbeing of older people in Camden.

Each week we're hosting  'reading aloud' sessions via Zoom; the full list of Zoom links and meeting IDs can be found below. You can also access a range of reading via Camden's Digital Library, and their home library, where you can can click and collect books. 

Read, Talk, Share in Camden

'Read, Talk, Share' in Camden will consist of weekly 'reading aloud' sessions via Zoom, where older people can join and discuss the novel, magazine article or poem being read. 
The first 'Read, Talk, Share' session on Wednesday February 17th will discuss The English Lesson by Margaret Bonham (1947), published in The Persephone Book of Short Stories.
It takes about 15 mins to read out and is light, funny and accessible. The English Lesson might remind 'Read, Talk, Share' participants of their own school days, so there should be lots to discuss! 
The session will start at 10.30am and finish at around 11.00am. 
To join the meeting click the link here.
You can also join the session on Zoom by entering the details below. 
February 17th Meeting ID: 713 7171 4043
Passcode: AUC
Each 'Read, Talk, Share' discussion is free to join; contact details will remain confidential and only first names will be used. If you need more information or require assistance accessing Zoom, please call 020 7239 0400 or email

Read, Talk, Share sessions

The direct Zoom links for each weekly 'Read, Talk, Share' session can be found below. Simply click on the date you wish to join or use the meeting ID and passcode to enter the session. 

Meeting ID: 715 4289 2084
Passcode: AUC
Meeting ID: 718 5370 5782
Passcode: AUC
Meeting ID: 799 7060 6968
Passcode: AUC
Meeting ID: 775 6783 7650
Passcode: AUC
Meeting ID: 770 4855 2614
Passcode: RVyRv4
Meeting ID: 720 3057 6375
Passcode: AUC

Accessing books

Together with Camden libraries, we're using the proven power of reading to tackle loneliness and support the mental health of older people in Camden. 
You can sign-up to Camden's Digital Library for free and access a huge selection of books. Whether you're looking for self-help books to support your mental health, or want to immerse yourself in the latest novel direct to your e-reader or digital device, the digital library has something for you. For more information, visit their website here.
If reading books on an e-reader isn't for you, and you'd rather access physical books straight to your door from Camden's Home Library, you can sign up here