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Age UK Camden Launches New Appeal to Tackle Loneliness

Published on 17 May 2022 02:49 PM

Age UK Camden, which provides support and services for our older generation across the borough, has launched a new appeal to raise essential funds to tackle loneliness and highlight the charity’s befriending service.

The theme of the appeal aligns with this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (9th to 15th May) which is raising awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental health.  The longer we feel lonely, the more we are at risk of mental health problems.

According to the Mental Health Trust, one in four of us feel lonely at any one time. This figure increases in older people as many live alone. In Camden loneliness affects over 10,000 people over 65.*

Nikki Morris, CEO of Age UK Camden said, “As family members and friends pass away, along with social connections fading, older people experience more loneliness and isolation than younger people in the community. With help from befriending services like ours, we aim to rebuild those connections within the community and combat loneliness with kindness.  To be able to help those that need us, we need to raise £15,000 via our Spring into Kindness campaign.”

Anita, 90 years-old, lives alone in her home since her husband passed away. She told her GP how much she misses his company and often still speaks to him. This led to her GP advising her about Age UK Camden's tele-friends service, which offers the chance to have a weekly call with a friendly voice over the phone. Although she was hesitant, Anita and her volunteer befriender Bhavna, speak every week and feel like they really know each other. Although I've never met Bhava her weekly calls with me bring a bit of energy and excitement to my week!"

Nikki adds, “Our support services aim to be there for every older person in Camden who needs us like Anita“

Donate here to support older people across the borough and support Age UK Camden’s Spring into Kindness Appeal

  • £20 could help to provide training and support for a new befriending volunteer
  • £35 will help to pay for a tele-friend to support an older Camden resident who may be living with bereavement or feeling isolated at home
  • £50 could provide a much-needed counselling session for someone finding it difficult to navigate life alone
  • £100 could pay for a free one-to-one digital support session to help an older person feel confident and connected online to friends and family
  • £250 could pay for long-term support for someone feeling isolated, so they have someone to connect and talk to.

For more information on Age UK Camden’s befriending support, please contact or telephone 0207 239 0400 

Please contact us at to find out how to set up a regular donation to us, as well as other ways to help.

You can also join the conversation on all social media by using the hashtag #SpringIntoKindness

*Age UK Camden