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Collections are a fun way to raise funds for our charity, however if you’re planning a collection that takes place in a publicly owned place then this is governed by strict legal requirements and must be licensed by your Local Authority. Before you approach your Local Authority, please advise us of your plans and await approval. Licenses are not required on privately owned land but you must seek permission from the owner or business.


Please do:

1. Carry your fundraising authorisation letter,which we can provide for you. Make sure that the charity branding can be seen on all collection tins or buckets.

2. Get people’s attention (smile, eye contact). This is easier with individuals than with groups.

3. Don’t be shy – ask for support!

4. Make sure you thank all the people who donate.

5. Leave all of those people who respond ‘yes’or ‘no’ with a favourable impression.

6. Compete (friendly rivalry with a fellow collector will keep you going).

7. Persevere – it can be tough to get started, but it gets easier with practice.

8. Be positive and enjoy yourself – it’ll rub off on those you’re collecting from.


Please don’t:

1. Pressurise people to donate or ask the same person several times (this is illegal).

2. Break the seals.

3. Stand too close to other collectors or cause an obstruction.

4. Rattle tins or buckets.

Wherever and whenever a collection takes place, properly sealed and labelled collecting boxes, tins or buckets must be used which we can supply. We will provide all fundraisers with a letter from Age UK Cheshire East authorising you to fundraise.


Remember to smile and thank everyone who donates!