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Hopefully you’ve been inspired and have found a fundraising event to suit you. Follow these handy tips to turn your idea into fundraising success!


1. The sooner you start, the more you’ll raise. 

No explanation needed! Don’t leave it until the last minute.


2. Sponsorship

Use sponsor forms or set up your own online sponsorship site on Just Giving.


3. Publicise

Tell everyone what you are doing. Use email signatures, work noticeboards, local press, Facebook, Twitter and even answer phone messages – use every means possible!


4. Why should people sponsor you?

It is important to explain to people why they should sponsor you in support of Age UK Cheshire East – make your passion for the cause infectious!


5. Approach your employer

Ask your company if it operates a matched giving scheme, which means it’ll match your fundraising pound for pound. If they can’t, you could ask for a donation or for permission to arrange some fundraising events within the workplace.


6. Set realistic targets

If you set yourself a fundraising target, by breaking it down into easily achievable chunks, it will be less daunting. Divide your fundraising target and work towards a monthly or weekly target, instead of one amount.


7. Play to your strengths

Where do your talents lie? If you’re good at something, make some money out of it! For example, dog-walking, car-washing, gardening, odd jobs, babysitting and making greetings cards.


8. Give something back

Don’t rely on sponsorship alone. People are helping you to achieve your goal, so give them something in return. How about a quiz or dinner party?


9. Reminder

Persistence really pays off. You don’t want to pester people too much, but there’s nothing wrong with sending out an email reminder a couple of weeks after your first request. Don’t be afraid to do this – people genuinely forget, and will appreciate the prompt.


10. Collections

If you would like to help Age UK Cheshire East with the organised local collections in Cheshire East and local supermarkets please contact us. We will provide you with the materials you need including t-shirts, tins or buckets and stickers.