No one should have no one. Please show your support – sign Age UK’s petition.

No one should have no one at ChristmasMore than a million older people say they go for over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member.

We want to draw attention to this big issue for older people, mobilising the public to help prevent and alleviate it, and we also want to encourage the Government to take action.

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What are we calling for?

We want local and national government to understand that older people’s loneliness really matters; that it’s a serious public health problem and not a normal part of ageing, and we want them commit to take action with us to prevent and tackle it.

National and local government both have a part to play. We need their commitment to work with Age UK and many others to:

  • Find out where older people at risk of loneliness are – and local Age UKs have the tools to do this
  • Identify what works best in preventing and tackling loneliness, and create the circumstances in which this can be put it into action (including by providing funding)
  • Listen to what older people say would help them to avoid and overcome loneliness, and respond in a way that respects their preferences.

We need your help

Sign our petition asking the Government to take action to tackle this major problem affecting the lives of millions of older people.


Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness 

Age UK Cheshire East is proud to be part of the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission aimed at increasing the public’s awareness of loneliness.

The Commission was started by MP Jo Cox before her murder last year.  Jo was passionate about the issue of loneliness, and in her memory the Commission will now be taken forward by two other MPs, Rachel Reeves and Seema Kennedy.

We want you to be part of the answer to this silent epidemic in our communities.  As part of the Commission we are asking you a few simple questions that could help us all tackle this problem.

Do you think loneliness is a problem in this area?

Would you like to help us tackle loneliness or want to know more about our work? If so, please leave your contact details below and we will get in touch.


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