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Over 50% of the over 65s have been targetted by scammers. This project aims to reduce this number by empowering older people to avoid being victims of scams and providing much needed aftercare support

Our award winning project operates in the northern part of the Cheshire East borough, which includes the towns of Macclesfield, Congleton, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Poynton and Knutsford.

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What is the Older Persons Scams Awareness and Aftercare project?

Evidence both from the older people we work with and from our partners strongly suggests that older people are particularly vulnerable to being victims of scams and doorstep crime. Age UK Cheshire East are partnering with Cheshire East Council's Trading Standards to raise awareness of scams and doorstep crime amongst local older people, as well as providing much needed aftercare for older people who have been victims of such crimes.

What does the project offer?

There are two intertwining elements to the project – awareness and aftercare:


Older people are particularly vulnerable to scams – 53% of people aged over 65 have been targeted by scammers and the average age of victims is now 75. In our project area, that suggests that as many as 22,525 older people could have been targeted! We want to build older people’s resilience against scams and empower them to avoid being victims of scams.

We will be delivering sessions and providing information to raise awareness of scams, how to avoid them and how to report them. Innovative ideas will be used to deliver the sessions and provide information, to overcome the additional difficulty that groups are not meeting face to face at this time. This will be through bulletins, on our social media and online through the Zoom meeting app. As the project develops, we hope to build a network of volunteers across the northern part of the borough to raise awareness in their local community.


Being scammed can seriously affect a person’s quality of life and wellbeing, as victims experience anxiety, embarrassment and depression, leading to social isolation and a decline in their health and self-confidence. Older people defrauded in their own homes are 2½ times more likely to either go into residential care or die or within a year. However, 84% of victims who have received support afterwards report feeling safer and more confident.

The project will offer one-to-one and group support to older people who have been victims of scams. This could range from a phone call to reinforce scams awareness and safety tips to a programme of support to help build confidence and enable the individual to re-engage in the community. Cheshire East Trading Standards will refer victims to the project who would benefit from such support to build their confidence and re-engage in the community.

How can I get involved?

Awareness Sessions: We deliver scams awareness sessions to older people and community groups across the northern part of Cheshire East, including the towns of Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Poynton, Congleton, Handforth and Alderley Edge. If you or a group would like to request a scams awareness session, please click on the 'Book an Awareness Session' blue button below.

Aftercare Support: If you or someone you know has been a victim of scams and would like support, please let us know by clicking on the 'Aftercare support' blue button below.

Become a Scams Awareness Volunteer: We are looking people with good local knowledge in the north of the Cheshire East borough to be the project's eyes and ears. Our volunteers are great at letting us know about local and recent scams, so we can alert a wider audience.  They know the best places to share scams awareness information locally and any older people interest groups that may benefit from a scams awareness session. We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to join our team, please click on the 'Volunteer' blue button below.

Useful Resources

We are collaborating with our project partners and the wider community to develop a resource bank to raise awareness of scams and how to tackle them. Please feel free to use the resources with your interest group, family, friends and colleagues to support scams awareness. All we ask is you use them in their current format so the original author is acknowledged.

Help to manage finances & avoid scams for people at risk and those who support them

Internet Scams

Romance Scams

Phone Scammers Numbers Up (Nat West)

Doorstep Scammer (Nat West)

Scams Awareness Poster (AUKCE)

Avoiding Scams (Age UK)

Looking After Your Money (Age UK)

Friends against scams You Tube video (11 minutes)

Scams Awareness Monthly Bulletins

Book an Awareness Session

Book an Awareness Session If your group would like to hear about scams, how to avoid them and how to report them, please get in touch.

Aftercare support

If you, or someone you know, has been a victim of scams and would like support, please get in touch


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