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The fabulous Tango Fit and Fun, who ran some online tango sessions for Age UK Croydon during our festive season, have shared their latest videos.

Olga Betko, tango teacher, says "The ambition is to DanceWalk through various Croydon nature beauty spots - apparently there are 127 of them !! - in different seasons. So far we’ve done 5, so need all the moral boost and support we can gather".

Dance along at home while enjoying the scenery of Croydon's beautiful nature spots, keep fit, have fun, and boost your mood, starting with a very energetic HavaNagila (Come and Rejoice!) in Heathfield.

More Dance Walks

Another Dance Walk takes place in a snowy Heathfield, this time to the very romantic Tombe La Neige (The Snow Is Falling) - click the 'Dance Walks' button to watch, and follow the rest of the Dance Walks series