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Bereavement Listening Support Service

  • Location: Age UK Hertfordshire
  • Price: Free
Call 01442 507880 for more info

Age UK Hertfordshire
1st Floor, Beane Bridge House
34 Chambers Street
SG14 1PL
United Kingdom

Our listening support service assists those, to express their feelings and get guidance with the difficulties they are facing.
Open to everyone, all are welcome. Specially trained staff are here to listen and to offer advice.

Direct line : 01442 507880
Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm

What we offer

Age UK Hertfordshire offers a Bereavement Support Service, providing a local support network in the Dacorum area for those who need emotional and practical help with:

Grief through bereavement
Grief through hardship
Guidance and support for those living with dementia low level memory loss and cognitive impairment
Support for carers
Coping with loss
Anxiety and mental health
Isolation and loneliness
Grief and bereavement can affect those who live on their own, with a partner or with family. Turning to a listening ear can provide a helpful and meaningful pathway towards getting the right help. Many practical problems can bring upon emotional distress.

Knowing how to channel these concerns onto the right support can bring relief and coping strategies.

How we can help

Emotional support to help with:
Grief & bereavement
Depression & anxiety
Feelings with anger & guilt

Practical support to provide guidance with:
Advice on continuing care
Agencies who can help caring for carers
Information and signposting to relevant organisations
Creation of an ongoing support network

Further information and support

Read advice from the NHS