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Past Projects - City Bridge Trust: The Way Ahead

Published on 09 January 2017 05:06 PM

In the context of an ‘ageing’ London and growing numbers of older Londoners, including those who are vulnerable, older peoples’ organisations are increasingly important.

Age UK London supported 'The Way Ahead', a cross-sector initiative to improve support to civil society in London. The Way Ahead was triggered by the shared desire to meet the growing and changing needs of Londoners. Increased inequality and continued reductions in public funding have placed considerable strain on frontline civil society. It involves frontline and grassroots organisations and volunteers, local, specialist and regional support providers, Local Authorities and other public sector bodies, London Councils and the GLA, funders and others. Its key focus is on how support organisations and funders can best work together to promote civil society in London. You can find out more here 

Age UK London has been funded by City Bridge Trust to engage with over 500 older people’s organisations in London - improving their capacity to support older Londoners and boost London’s civil society.

Age UK London is active in ‘The Way Ahead’ initiative to build the resilience of these civil organisations. Strengthening the ‘age sector’ will impact beyond our initial twelve months funding though supporting sustainable, skilled and well equipped older peoples’ organisation to take forward ‘The Way Ahead’.

A wide ranging workshop programme of support to these organisations has now begun. This includes in the areas of:

• Scams and Fraud Awareness

• Planning for small older peoples organisations

• Active Citizenship

• Managing long term conditions – self care

• Positive Mental Health

• Local community organising to improve your neighbourhoods

These workshops have produced a range of resources to support older people's organisations.

Click here to view the resources

For further information, please phone Kathleen Egan 0207 820 6775.

Age UK London will also be working with older people to respond to policy initiatives in London, for example in relation to housing, to ensure they are ‘age friendly’. For further information, please email Gordon Deuchars.