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Age UK London holds many events throughout the year to provide older Londoners and their organisations with the latest information across a number of different topics.

Here you'll find all the resources from these events. Please feel free to download and share this knowledge with your friends, colleagues, and organisations.

  • London Fire Brigade - Supporting Vulnerable Londoners

    This joint conference with London Fire Brigade was a chance to learn about their work across London and the full range of support and services they deliver to vulnerable Londoners.

  • Increasing flu vaccine uptake amongst older Londoners

    Our "It's Never Too Late!" campaign promotes the free flu vaccine for older Londoners. Download our free flu vaccine toolkit, including leaflets and fact-checking booklet. 

  • Park Walks Campaign

    Download all the resources from our Park Walks Launch Conference, including our campaign leaflet and powerpoints from London Sport, Escape Pain, and Ramblers Walking for Health.

  • SRA Strategic Aims

    Our joint conference with the Solicitors Regulation Authority was an opportunity to find out about the SRA and feed into their strategic aims. Find out all about the work and objectives of the SRA.

  • Coordinate My Care

    As a patient have views about your future care. The Coordinate My Care scheme can help you record your views and wishes within an electronic personalised urgent care plan. Find out more about the scheme here.

  • London's Water Supply and Power Distribution

    In January 2019 Age UK London teamed up with Thames Water to run a conference to show how both organisations can support vulnerable people in the capital.

  • Staying Safe!

    Expert speakers from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and Camden Trading Standards presented at our Staying Safe conference in October 2018. Download the presentations here.

  • Age-friendly Volunteering

    39% of older Londoners take part in regular volunteer work, but this number could be even greater! Find out how your organisation can attract and retain a more diverse pool of older volunteers.

  • Financial Management

    A powerpoint for charities and organisations which provides advice on managing finances and why it’s so important to do so. This includes discussion of costing versus pricing as well as information on costing models.

  • Trustee Recruitment

    Are you a charity or organisation looking to recruit a new trustee for your board? This powerpoint covers what a good board would look like and how you can make your recruitment process as strong as possible.

  • Digital Democracy

    A set of resources to help you use digital tools to campaign effectively. Presentations include influencing government via select committees, a guide to social media and information on lobbying parliament.

  • Planning for Later Life

    In November 2017 Age UK London hosted our Planning for Later Life conference. Download all the resources from the day, including powerpoints from the Care Advisor Network, Care & Repair England and more!

  • Positive Mental Health

    Our Promoting Good Mental Health Conference took place in November 2017 as part of The Way Ahead programme, sponsored by the City Bridge Trust. Download presentations from Campaign to End Loneliness, the Mental Health Foundation, and many more besides!

  • Writing a Tender

    A comprehensive powerpoint created in collaboration between Age UK London and the national Age UK. This document outlines the tendering process, from initially planning and cost assessments through to completed method statements.

  • Intergenerational Working

    Are you a charity or organisation looking to make your work more intergenerational? Here’s a handy powerpoint on good practice when running intergenerational projects in order to make them as safe and successful as possible.

  • Tackling Loneliness

    Acute loneliness can be damaging as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day! Here’s a whole host of resources to help your organisation to combat isolation in the capital – all from our Tackling Loneliness Conference attended by Deputy Mayor Matthew Ryder.

  • Health and Social Care

    In October 2017, Age UK London hosted a conference to discuss how we can improve health and wellbeing for older Londoners. This powerpoint presentation provides a useful summary of the health and social care sector in 2017.

  • Resilience and Self Care

    Here you'll find a set of resources from our former project The Way Ahead (funded by The City Bridge Trust between 2016 and 2019). These powerpoints contain advice on managing self care and increasing your resilience.

  • Air Pollution

    All of the presentations from Age UK London's Environment Conference in September 2017. The event, which featured a presentation from Deputy Mayor Shirley Rodrigues, looked at the impact of reduced air quality for older Londoners!

  • Positive Health in Later Life

    Comprehensive health and support services are vital to maintaining the health and independence of older Londoners. Take a look at this set of presentations on positive health in later life from our October 2017 conference.

  • Avoiding Scams and Fraud

    Age UK London has worked alongside the London Trading Standards Scams Team and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to highlight some signs that might indicate that someone you know is being scammed and provide advice on avoiding scams.

  • How to use a Defibrillator

    Age UK London teamed up with London Ambulance Service to host an informative and practical workshop, including how to use a defibrillator. Click above to see a useful video on what to do if you see someone suffer a cardiac arrest.

  • Strategic Planning Advice

    Here's a useful powerpoint for any charity or organisation looking to create a strategic plan. Learn all about the power of sound strategic planning and the role of strategic management in ensuring effective decision-making.

  • Active Citizenship Advice

    This powerpoint provides an overview of Parliament, Select Committees, and the ways in which Parliament scrutinises the government. This includes the role of the House of Lords and House of Commons, as well as the process of Parliamentary Questions.