Factsheets give information on a wide range of issues affecting older people.

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NF: Age UK Norfolk factsheet
No.: Age UK factsheet

List of factsheets available from Age UK Norfolk

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NF 1  Emergency Response Telephones (PDF 796 KB)


NF 10 Norfolk Befriending (PDF 620 KB)


A guide to completing Attendance Allowance forms for yourself or for someone else

No.17 Housing Benefit

No.34 Attendance Allowance

No.48 Pension Credit

No.49 The Social Fund, Advances of Benefit & Local Welfare Provision

No.56 Benefits for people under Pension Credit age

No.74 Challenging welfare benefit decisions

No.87 Personal Independence Payment and Disability Living Allowance

Care Homes

 No.10 Paying for permanent residential care

 No.20 NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care

 No.29 Finding, choosing and funding a care home

 No.38 Property and paying for residential care

 No.39 Paying for care in a care home if you have a partner

 No.40 Deprivation of assets in the means test for care home provision

 No.58 Paying for temporary care in a care home


No.55 Carer's Allowance (CA)


No.59 How to resolve problems and complain about social care

NF 5 Making a complaint (PDF 795 KB)

NF 9 Consumer Rights & Trading Standards (PDF 797 KB)

Council Tax

No. 21 Council Tax


 No.42 Disability equipment and home adaptations


 No.12 Planning your retirement: money and tax

 No.25 Returning from abroad

 No.65 Equity release

 No.75 Dealing with debt


 No.27 Planning for your funeral


 No.5 Dental Care: NHS and private treatment

 No.37 Hospital discharge

 No.44 NHS Services

 No.61 Help with health costs

 No.66 Resolving problems and making a complaint about NHS care

 No.78 Safeguarding older people from abuse and neglect


 No.1 Help with heating costs

 No.82 Switching energy supplier

Home Care

 No.6 Finding help at home

 No.46 Paying for care and support at home

 No.76 Intermediate care and reablement


 No.2 Buying retirement housing

 No.8 Council and housing association housing

 No.9 Anti-social behaviour in housing

 No.35 Tenancy rights — rents

 No.63 Finding private rented accommodation

 No.64 Specialist housing for older people

 No.67 Home improvements and repairs

 No.68 Tenancy rights - security of tenure

 No.69 Water Advice

 No.71 Park Homes

 No 89 Homelessness


 No.7 Making a Will

 No.14 Dealing with an estate

 No.16 Transgender issues and later life

 No.22 Arranging for someone to make decisions on your behalf

 No.43 Getting legal advice

 No.62 Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

 No.72 Advance Decisions, Advance Statements and Living Wills

 No.79 The Equality Act 2010: The Public Sector Equality Duty


NF 7 Access to computing (PDF 626 KB)

Pensions / Retirement / Employment

 No.12 Planning your retirement: money and tax

 No.19 The State Pension

 No.91 Pension freedom and benefits

Residential Homes see above: Care Homes

Safety and Security

NF 4 Keeping safe in Norfolk (PDF 871 KB)

Social Services

 No.24 Personal budgets and direct payments in social care

 No.41 How to get care and support

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