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Real lives, real impact

Published on 03 March 2020 11:01 AM

1974. In this year, we had the 3-day week and 2 General Elections, Lord Lucan disappeared, Bagpuss first appeared on the television and Mr S had a gas boiler fitted into his home.

46 years later, that boiler was still there, and it was not well. During a Home Energy Check visit, our own Bob Stephenson noticed that the 2 carbon monoxide alarms were beeping. After checking the units, Bob took them outside to see what happened. They were silent outside and then beeped again when taken indoors. That raised a red flag with Bob, so he contacted the gas emergency service, turned off the boiler and gas supply and ventilated the house by opening the doors and windows.

The boiler was condemned as ‘immediately dangerous’. To keep Mr S warm, Age UK Notts provided some temporary oil-filled heaters and a Winter Warmth pack, and helped him find a trusted trader via the Age UK Notts Business Directory. A new boiler was fitted by a Directory Member 2 weeks later and Mr S is now warm and cosy in his home.

The signs and symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be hard to spot. Think CO offers a variety of ways of learning more about this colourless and odourless gas. One of their learning courses certainly helped Bob. It’s well worth making sure your knowledge is up to date and you can do that in one of the following ways:

YouTube - (this one includes subtitles and BSL)

‘Taster’ view - (navigate through this presentation by pressing next)

Email for details of the free e-learning course

The Think CO campaign can help you, your family and friends and the clients you work with to stay safe. Why not check out the links now?