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We have compile a list of books that we feel may be of benefit to older people or their carers.

Age UK Waltham Forest is an Amazon Associate. This means that if you buy any of these books from Amazon, then Amazon will pass a percentage of the purchase price to us - but you won't pay any more.

You get your purchases, we get some money and Amazon makes a sale. Everyone wins!

Book categories

Caring for someone with...

Carers Handbook by Marina Lewycka

Caring for Someone with an Alcohol Problem by Mike Ward

Caring for Someone with Arthritis by Jim Pollard

Caring for Someone with Cancer by Toni Battison

Caring for Someone with Dementia by Jane Brotchie

Caring for Someone with Depression by Tony Battison

Caring for Someone with Diabetes by Marina Lewycka

Caring for Someone at a Distance by Julie Spencer-Cingoz

Caring for Someone Who is Dying by Penny Mares

Caring for Someone with a Hearing Loss by Marina Lewycka

Caring for Someone with a Heart Problem by Tony Battison

Caring for Someone with Memory Loss by Toni Battison

Caring for Someone in Their Own Home by Helen Howard

Choices for the Carer of an Elderly Relative by Marina Lewycka

General and IT

False Teeth and a Smoking Mermaid by Anon

Intimate Relations by Sarah Brewer

Older, Richer, Fitter: Identifying the Consumer Needs of Britain's Ageing Population by David Metz

How to be a Silver Surfer: A Beginners Guide to the Internet by Emma Aldridge

Your Digital Camera Made Easy by Jackie Sherman

Savings and retirement

Choices in Retirement by Ro Lyon

The Complete Guide to Retirement Housing by AIMS, ARHM and EAC

Understanding Taxes and Savings 2006 - 2007 by Paul Lewis

Using Your Home as Capital 2006-2007 by Cecil Hinton and Mark Goodale

Your rights

Your Rights to Health Care by Lorna Easterbrook

Your Rights to Money Benefits by Sally West

Your Rights by Andrew Harrop

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